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Sunday, January 13, 2002

"Do you want to take me to banquet?...Sure."
Ok well today went well. I woke up surprisingly late which for me is 10[I dont like long slumbers]. Well...if you dont count slightly awakening to the sounds of my father yelling MIKE DONT YOU WANT TO EAT?? at around 8. Well I actually cleaned a bit of my room up and worked on my bathroom for a little while. I swear I need to redecorate this room..it gives bad vibes. Yeah then I did some work on my history groups newspaper project. I was really planning on getting it all done this weekend but we dont have all of our articles finished so there would have been to many wholes. However, I created a good layout for the newspaper. Arrgh thinking of history just made me remember that I need to start working on my Oral presentation final. My topic for that? Classical Music. How typical of me. I then felt the need to do some laundry and put in the washer but I havent put it in the dryer yet. I will after I'm done posting this.
Ok now the bad part of today? I completly pigged-out. JellyBelly Jellybeans, BBQ rice crackers, turkey and rice, and a caramello bar. Whoa that was gross of me to do. I walked to Long's to buy four caramello bars [3 for my bro and 1 for me] and jelly beans. Shannon was working so I went to her checkout stand. But she had a little line going on and there were other free stands so I'm assuming that the workers there dont especially like me too much....oh well screw them. Then I walked to Ralph's and bought berry punch juice and rice crackers. It was heavy to carry home.
Oh GOD I just remembered that I also ate a donut and a sobe on the way home. Ew-style....I need to work that off at tuesday's practice.....yuck.
Ok well its off to do the laundry and complete cleaning my bathroom and room.

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